Procedures On Doing House Washing

A house wash is done with the use of high velocity water spray. This will clean dirt and residue from the outer part of a house. This way of cleaning a place is important especially when the home owner is going to paint or repaint his home. If the surface is clean, it will allow the paint to last longer.

There are equipments used in this way of cleaning. You can use these washing equipments on most of the type of housing materials as long as you learn the procedures of washing. You can check on house washing Pensacola FL if you want to know more about this. You can contact one so they can do it for you. But, you can also do it yourself.

Pensacola is recognized as the first European community on North America. It is situated at Florida. Pensacola is a great destination for a family. There are various activities which children and even the adults would enjoy doing. One will also see some of the finest companies for home washing in that place.

The first procedure in doing this cleaning is to choose the washer that would be fit for the job. Different materials in housing can resist different pressure of water. If you have a softer material, you can use a one thousand two hundred up to one thousand five hundred psi washer to prevent damage. If you have a stronger material then you can use a two thousand five hundred up to three thousand psi washer. It cleans better and faster. If you are going to use a cleaning solution, use a washer with a dispenser for that.

If the area you are going to clean has been landscaped or it has lighting on it, it is necessary to cover them with cloth. You can also use plastic sheets to cover them. Make sure you secure its cover with duct tape. It is necessary to cover them because they might be damaged by the pressure of the water.

If there is a visible mold on a surface, you could scrub it manually. After doing that, mix 1 lb non phosphate concentrated cleaner and 4 gallons water. Mix them together and put it inside the dispenser.

Connect a hose connected to the water supply going to the washer. When it is done, turn the machine on. Test its pressure first. Hold the nozzle with both hands about three feet from the wall. Move it closer until it is strong enough to remove the dirt but not that strong enough to cause any damage.

Start from the upper part of the house and then going to the lower part. Move the nozzle slowly from side to side. After that, rinse it starting from the upper part going to the lower part. Let it dry for about two days or more.

This style of cleaning a home is necessary particularly when the exterior of a home has some mildew. Mildew can affect the look of a home. Dirt like mildew is not good for ones health. This is the best way to ensure that a home is clean all the time.

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