Pros And Cons Of Artificial Turf Bellevue

The manufacturing process used by artificial turf Bellevue providers is such that it looks exactly like natural grass. The fake grass is used mostly in sports stadiums where the games played require turf. It has over time become very popular in commercial and residential gardens. The main reason for its popularity in these arenas is the low maintenance required.

Artificial grass can endure heavy usage, hence the usage for sporting purposes is ideal. The turf does not need to be trimmed or irrigated. There is however a debate as to the pros and cons of the grass. There are many people who are concerned about possible health risks connected to the use of the grass in schools.

There are several pros to the use of fake grass. The lower maintenance costs are a big plus. The initial cost of installation may be quite high, however, it is stated that over time the maintenance costs are much lower than for natural grass. The lower maintenance costs may be offset with the requirement for refilling and vacuuming.

Natural grass requires regular treatment with fertilizers and pesticides, whereas artificial turf Bellevue contractors install does not. A further advantage is that the fake grass is much more durable than real grass. It can be used all year round without worrying that it will wither if not watered regularly or during those long, hot summers. The risk of potential injuries becomes less if the turf is used on playing fields. This is because the playing surface that is created is more even that natural grass. The safety of the players is ensured due to the lack of tearing up of the natural grass which creates potholes.

Some of the cons linked to fake grass include heat hazards. The fake turf can become quite hot during high temperature days. In some studies, it has been found that the temperature on the field increases way above the air temperature. This can however be overcome by suitable planning of the times of day players will utilize the field. Many people argue that the higher temperature is not a safety issue, but merely one of discomfort.

Some individuals argue that the fake grass contain harmful substances. The lead and zinc content of certain types of artificial grass has been a bone of contention. The main concern related to this is that after heavy rains, the water run-off may contain infill material and lead which could lead to contamination of the community’s ground and drinking water.

It has been stated that there is an increase in the level of grass burns that could occur on fake grass surfaces. The skin lesions could become infected if not treated properly. It has been stated that the shredded rubber used as backing for fake grass contains toxic materials. This increases the health risks to those who use the grass.

The choice of artificial turf Bellevue suppliers offer has several advantages and disadvantages, but the decision to use it or not is a personal one. It is said that regular checks and maintenance of the turf will ensure that the potential disadvantages are handled without problems. Most people opt for this product because of the lower maintenance required and the decrease in the amount of time spent on lawn maintenance.

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