Quick Tips On Keeping Synthetic Grass Looking Great

It cannot be denied that your lawn can easily become one of the best in the neighborhood with the help of artificial turf. The product also requires maintenance although you can be certain that it’s not going to give you a hard time as taking good care of the real thing. Below you can find some easy tips on how you can make synthetic grass look great for years.

Regular brushing of the fibers keeps them staying upright and beautiful. Some areas of the lawn may end up flattened. This is true most especially for those that get constant traffic. Having the fibers rearranged can be completed using a soft-bristled broom or handheld brush. Sweeping the fibers in all directions allows for the attainment of a realistic and well-maintained lawn.

Anything organic has to be removed as soon as possible. It’s a terrible idea for the homeowner to let leaves, flowers, twigs and others to rot on the artificial turf’s surface as this will promote bacterial growth. Further, it will also encourage the formation of molds and the appearance of weeds. To keep the lawn looking fabulous, unwanted debris should be removed.

The use of weed killer may be necessary to preserve the lawn’s beauty. It’s highly possible for weeds to grow at the base and appear on the surface. Manual removal may be done or a homeowner may choose to spray a product suggested by the dealer to keep weeds in check. Usually, it is recommended for such product to be applied annually or as necessary.

Urine and feces left behind by pets should be cleaned right away. After picking up those solid unwanted surprises with a plastic bag or a scooper, it’s a good idea for any homeowner to sanitize the area with a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. Hosing it down afterwards should also be done to remove the chemicals that the detergent may leave behind.

Remember to remove at once anything that isn’t supposed to be on the artificial turf’s surface. Sure it’s nice to enjoy the lovely weather by having a picnic. However, it’s not uncommon for ice cream, ketchup, soft drinks, coffee, sauces, oils and others to end up on your lawn. Even though the individual fibers are stain-resistant, it’s recommended for you to have those foreign objects removed right away. Clean the affected areas with a warm water and detergent solution then hose down.

After heavy rains, spend some time redistributing the infill. The job can be done with the help of a brush or broom with stiff plastic bristles. In order to keep your lawn looking lush and well-maintained, add additional infill where necessary.

It may sound like there are lots of things to carry out just to keep fake turf looking its best. However, the fact remains that maintaining the real thing is more challenging. Unlike regular fertilizing, watering and mowing, the tasks mentioned above need to be done only as needed. Following these tips allows any homeowner to enjoy a fantastic lawn at any given day.

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