Safe And Beautiful Pools Guaranteed By Pool Service Southampton

For a crystal clear pool that is ecologically sound, hire pool service Southampton, NY. Trained and certified technicians maintain safe and beautiful swimming structures and hot tubs. They, make repairs, and renovate aging surfaces. They offer weekly or monthly service, seasonal services, or major maintenance.

Technicians add chlorine and chemicals as needed, clean debris from under water surfaces, empty filter baskets, brush pool walls, vacuum pool floors. Swimming structures and spas are kept clean, equipment maintained, and water chemical levels maintained to the the highest, and safest standards. No matter how busy you are, the swimming area or hot tub is ready when you have time to enjoy it. No need to buy and lug home heavy buckets of chlorine and other essential chemicals. No need to store chemicals around your garage or in a shed.

Basic tasks included in a weekly service contract are testing water chemistry, adding chemicals as needed, emptying and cleaning filters and skimmer baskets, brushing sides of the structure, skimming water surfaces, vacuuming debris from the bottom of the structure, checking and maintaining pumps and automated systems.

Water clarity and safety is more than chlorine. Technicians test and maintain pH, calcium hardness, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, temperature, and dissolved solids. Waterfalls and/or adjoining bodies of water require an advanced level of care to keep all surfaces and water areas in proper chemical balance. Poor water chemistry damages surfaces, plumbing, and equipment. Bacteria can result in staph infections of the nose, throat, eyes, and ears. A too high concentration of chlorine burns the eyes and irritates skin.

Filters and pumps distribute essential chemicals throughout the water. During swim season they should run 8-12 hours to keep water chemicals distributed, and to capture leaves and other debris. It’s critically important that electrical systems be properly connected and grounded. This is a task that must be done by a certified technician for everyone’s safety.

Power wash decks before the pool is opened for the season. This removes stains and slippery algae growths. Technicians treat decks with a sealant that makes the surface slip resistant. Dual suction drains and proper drain covers are a life saving necessity. Suction from pumps is powerful enough to trap and drown children and pets.

The change of seasons requires special care. Summer service needs include removal of covers, lubricate and test equipment, test and adjust water chemistry, remove debris, vacuum, clean tile, and pressure wash decks. In the winter, technicians disconnect equipment, clean and blow out all pipes, clean filters, add anti-freeze and winter chemicals, lower the water level, and install the winter cover.

Tile cleaning with professional cleaners can save owners from an expensive replacement job. An acid wash removes stains and algae and restores luster to aging pools at a much more economical cost that resurfacing. Technicians also repair and install lighting.

Pool technology is always advancing. A certified technician can perform an energy audit and recommend energy efficient upgrades that might include variable speed pumps, high efficiency heaters, automatic controllers. Other special services provided include equipment troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades, repairs. Technicians also test for and repair leaks. They replace critically important drain covers.

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