Selecting Wrought Iron Plant Holders

When looking for appropriate places to set plants in or outside of your home it is normal to look for items that will weather well and last for years. Wrought iron plant holders are one of the best choices for people who treasure their plants and wish to display them in the most appealing style.

This metal has been around since the thirteenth century. The Chinese had tools and other implements made from it but it was not worked, or wrought, until the seventeenth century. Many Victorian homes and estates had intricate iron designs in their furniture, light fixtures and walkways. Many of these designs are duplicated in today’s market.

Happily, the Victorian designs have endured for centuries and can be found at nearly any nursery or gardening shop. The delicate arches and ornate trims of seventeenth century designs are available in tables built to hold the plants you have in your yard or patio area. You can also find pots and planters with ornate designs to match the tables.

You can also find planters and stands that do not fit into the classic or traditional molds. Many of the novelty items may include hand worked animal forms as well as farming concepts such as wheel barrows. These pieces can dress your patio into a whimsical fairy filled garden that begs to help you relax every time you enter it. Some will even double as centerpieces for your dining table.

Indoor planters and tables should not be left outside indefinitely. They are not built to withstand the tortures of inclement weather. The paint and other finishes that may be used in their designs may fade and peal after extended periods outside. The designs made exclusively for indoor decorating are more delicately formed and have a cleaner, more concise detailing.

Hanging plants usually come with plain wire or plastic hooks designed hang from holders attached to ceilings or poles. There are Sheppard’s hooks and extensions that attach to walls or support poles on the patios. The Sheppard’s hooks can be strategically placed anywhere in the yard or garden that needs a little color. The hanger extensions can be placed between the upright posts that hold the roof of patios and lose no interior space with your hanging plants.

There are stands that have stone or tile shelving for the plants. They are designed to accent the furniture you choose for your patio area. Many serve as end tables as well as plant stands. Others stand about three inches off the ground and have rollers on the legs for ease when you need to move the plants. These lower stands are meant for larger plants or decorative trees such as dwarf citrus.

As a whole the wrought iron plant holders are very durable and will last many years. Should they lose color or rust they can be easily repainted to look like new. The cost is generally not prohibitive when you purchase them and they are an item you can depend on to stand the test of time both in quality and beautiful enhancements for your gardens.

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