Setting Up A Koi Pond

If you were hoping to enhance your yard or perhaps the courtyard of your business with a beautiful koi pond, there are many different things you must consider. Selecting the size of the pond, the amount of fish and the filtration system are just a few decisions you will have to make. Here are some tips.

Deciding how big of a pond you wish to have is a good way to begin. The size and shape of your pond affects many other factors, including the size of fish and amount of fish your pond can hold. Even small fish require many gallons of water in order to have enough oxygen, so it is important to have enough water for each fish and quite a bit extra to keep that water at safe oxygen levels. The larger the pond, the easier the water is to maintain, as smaller ponds are easily overcrowded and more affected by extremes in outside temperature. Creating too shallow of a pond is also not a great idea as it does not really allow your fish the freedom of movement they need to stay strong and healthy.

A huge part of planning is to buy the proper filtration systems. Fish produce quite a bit of solid waste and this makes the water dirty and affects the pH balance and oxygen levels. It is imperative that you filter the waste out and have a filter that easily can handle your pond size and amount of fish. You should definitely spend some time consulting with a koi pond expert to discuss the best types of materials for the pond and the best filters, as well as the size of fish and amount that you can handle.

Once you have your pond up, running and filled with happy fish, you need to think about keeping them happy and safe in clean water. You might think the maintenance is constant, but there are products available that can make keeping the water clean fairly easy. For instance the AquaLily by Healthy Ponds and the AquaSpherePro are two simple-to-use products that also are chemical free.

AquaLily is not only a helpful item, it is also attractive. It is a lily pad-shaped dispenser that holds a specially formulated mix of beneficial bacteria. This bacteria goes to work as soon as it hits the water, keeping everything sparkling and clean. Each lily dispenser will work for a month, and then you just add a new bacteria package to the AquaLily. One lily dispenser will treat about 2,500 gallons of water.

The AquaSpherePRO works much the same way, releasing a similar mix of helpful bacteria into the water. This product is simply a biodegradable sphere that you place in the water and it immediately begins working. At the end of 30 days, it will have dissolved in the pond, and you just add a new sphere. There are many different sizes available, from spheres for 1,000 gallons to 12,500 gallons. Both the AquaSphere and AquaLily have been approved by veterinarians and are safe for fish and all other wildlife.

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