Simple Benefits Of Vertical Farming Systems

It is only a given for people to cultivate plants and animal life. However, there is a new innovation nowadays about cultivating plants and animal life at a vertically inclined surface or skyscraper greenhouse. The said modern idea was birthed by glass house techniques, where sunlight is augmented with an artificial lighting. This is what you would call vertical farming systems.

The said method is definitely gaining fame these days. It is all thanks to the fact that numerous benefits can be enjoyed when this type of innovation is carried out. The ones who benefit are not the owners of the facility too. Even the local community benefits from this. Here are those benefits you can enjoy when you make use of this innovative method.

First, you can believe that this is a good system to use to increase the productivity. When you compare it to the traditional greenhouse, the plants here are all growing in cubic feet, much greater than the square feet measure of the traditional greenhouse. It produces 100 times more than a conventional field agriculture as well.

You also have the benefit of being able to expect a year-round production. The plants are grown in a controlled and indoor environment. Thus, you can expect produce any time of the day, week, month, or year. In response to that, you can create a stable and consistent revenue to the bank account of the said facility.

This system is also an excellent way to strengthen your local economy. Since there are produce all-year long, you can definitely gain the trust of your local patrons. When they buy local product, then you can bet that the money stays within the community. It will circulate there, which will then give the other local business a good and healthy boost.

The benefits of the said innovative idea is not only limited to the economic part. There are various environmental benefits to the said idea nowadays too. For example, the use of chemical pesticides is significantly lessened, or even eliminated, in this idea. After all, the plants are in a closed environment and pests cannot attack them. No need for chemical pesticides anymore.

Since there is no need for the pesticide anymore, you will not have to worry about water pollution then. You can eliminate it, in fact. No pesticide means that no chemical run-off will come close and contaminate the water supplies. The innovative method will actually eliminate the fear for the contaminated water.

It reduces the use of the fossil fuel too. Since the target of the local produce is the local consumers, there is a limited need for transportation from the production site to the market. This will consequently decrease fuel usage and even greenhouse gases. In addition to that, there is no machine required for planting or harvesting the produce so it should be safe.

With this method, you should be able to open up local jobs for your local community. You can increase employment opportunities for the people in your area. You can pay them reasonably as well and give them benefits. Since you offer local jobs, your community will appreciate the innovative method you use.

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