Spring Decorating Tips

THINK FRESH COLORS: There’s an overall airy and fresh feeling that you want to convey this time of year. Think about growth and new beginnings. Remove heavy throw blankets and replace them with lighter cotton ones. Change the heavy chenille pillows to canvas or silk in calming colors like blues and greens. Light beige is a great neutral color; think sand on a beach. If you like bright colors, think pink, yellow, turquoise, or the ‘trendy’ color for Spring 2012: Tangerine.

Spring Decorating

DE-CLUTTER AND GET ORGANIZED: Get rid of anything that you haven’t used or looked at in the last six months to a year. Purchase file folders and store those old tax forms in a cabinet and out of the way. Go through your pantries and throw out the old cereal boxes from 2008. Toss out Tupperware that has tomato sauce stains on it, and trash the freezer items in aluminum foil that you can’t identify.

Spring Decorating

LET THE LIGHT AND AIR IN: With longer days and shorter nights, take advantage of the natural light in your home. Pull up blinds and open drapes to allow as much light in as you can. Open windows and allow the fresh air to flow. This will clear out the stale energy of the previous season and leave the room feeling energized. It’s also important to have enough lighting at night: three light sources in each room.

Spring Decorating

This post is brought to you by our local guest writer Michelle Schaffel, an Interior Decorator serving Montgomery and Bucks Counties. As the owner of Inspired By Design, she uses creative solutions to provide balance and harmony in any given environment. For more decorating tips and ideas, check out her company’s Facebook page.

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