Stump Removal In Spring Hill, Florida

Sometimes it’s either desirable or necessary to cut a tree down. This is a dangerous and involved project, so many homeowners recruit a professional company for the job. Not all service providers handle stump removal when they fell trees. Fortunately, there are many contractors in the Spring Hill Florida area who do, if you don’t want to handle this time-consuming task yourself.

People cut trees to clear land, extend their lawns or pastures, make trails for hiking or four-wheeling, and open up views. Sometimes a tree gets damaged, diseased, or rotten and needs to be taken down. Perhaps roots are breaking pipes or ruining a drain field.

It’s a fact that even small timber will leave stumps. These can be tripping hazards, as well as a real pain to mow around or a threat to mowing equipment if you go over one. Contractors use heavy equipment for the task of removing them, but homeowners often have only one or two to handle at a time and probably don’t want to tear up their sod.

Go online to see the many Spring Hill Florida pros who offer free estimates on getting stumps out of your way. It’s good to know the cost before you start. You also will want to make sure you understand what is included in the estimate, like debris pick-up and filling in holes. If you do the clean up yourself, you may save money on fees for professional help.

You’ll see that most companies offer stump grinding, which is a fast and easy way to get them gone. You can actually buy machines that do this job, if you like big-boy toys. Check online for product descriptions, infomercial videos, and financing plans. There are also customer reviews, as there are for companies that provide grinding. Sometimes it pays to hire help with occasional jobs rather than buy, maintain, and house a specialized machine.

A slower way to solve this problem is to use a product that accelerates the natural decomposition process. The wood must be seasoned before this method will work, which takes at least a year. Then the process involves drilling holes in the top and sides of the butt, filling them with a commercial tree-rotting powder, and adding water until all the product is dissipated into the wood. Over time the stump will get porous and rot.

You may not need to remove underground roots, but grinding can do that, as well. You yourself can dig around the stump to expose roots which you then cut. Eventually you’ll find the taproot, and the whole root ball can be pulled out. Another way to attack roots is to soak them with kerosene – for a few days, not minutes – and them set them on fire. They’ll slowly smolder away. A permit may be required to burn stumps and roots.

Potassium nitrate powder is one popular product sold for this purpose. Home remedies include pouring buttermilk into drilled holes, or hollowing out a depression and filling it with hot charcoal briquettes after you finish cooking on the grill.

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