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Taking Care Of Your Lawn During Seasons

We know our lawns are subject to a lot of different conditions, of which the seasons are one of the most important ones and among them the importance of autumn from where your lawn truly stands out, because of the great humidity and temperature at this time of year provided to the lawn, you can get great results and increase the health and appearance of the grass by following the tips in this article.

People don’t know the true importance of fall for all lawns and gardens, believe it or not it has a greater importance than spring. Some will say that spring is the best season for gardening, but to be honest spring is a time where your grass is totally reborn. With autumn your lawn attracts top conditions, is their time to shine, repairing and expanding.

Because of optimum conditions, which makes it look like all vegetation looks bigger at this time of year, simply because the days are cooler. One important element that adds to autumn is that it is ideal for repairs and restorations, this is the time to fix bald or areas that don’t have the same amount of grass in the rest of your lawn. The first few days of the arrival of autumn, you’ll have the best time to restore the spots and improve it.

A simple trick in the fall to generate a nice looking lawn is using a method called the aerated lawn. Which is a process of making holes 6-8 centimeters deep in order to help your lawn breathe better. As air and water reaches the soil and absorbs the nutrition it allows your grass to grow faster and greener overtime.

If you want to complement another reason on the importance of autumn for your lawn, then this is the best time of the year to create an excellent fertilization plan, of course knowing exactly what fertilizer is appropriate for your lawn. Fertilization will most likely have a direct effect on the roots; as a result you’ll have a better looking lawn.

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