The Basic Method Of Window Washing

Window washing can be a very daunting task if you do not have the right technique. The process which is done not just for hygiene purposes greatly helps in improving lighting. The choice of whether to do it at household level or commercially is mainly dependent on the number and accessibility of the windows. Other considerations include the affordability of the chosen method, the effectiveness and the duration of time required among others.

If you are carrying out a simple task you probably will not need very complicated tools. A bucket of water, squeegees, a mop, scrapers and detergents are good enough. The squeegee is used to dry glass after it has been cleaned. Scrappers are used to remove stubborn stains and any other resistant debris on the surface. If working on great heights you will more than likely require a ladder.

The process is rather easy. You start by applying detergent to all the surfaces that you need to clean. This can be done using a sponge. Use the sponge to remove the loosely held dirt and debris and scrape the residual materials with a scraper. The scrapping should be done in a unidirectional manner to reduce the chances of scratching the surfaces. A mop is used to clean the water and any remnants are removed with a squeegee.

The recommended cleaning technique is one that uses vertical strokes on one side and horizontal strokes on the other. This method makes stains less visible to the eye. A sponge and a squeegee are used together to further reduce the visibility of these stains. Minor scratches on the glass are effectively removed suing toothpaste. Window corners are cleaned using cotton swabs.

This task requires that one follows some simple rules. For example, the best day to do your cleaning should be on a sunless day. This ensures that the detergent does not dry on the surface as soon as it is applied. The surface should only be allowed to dry after it has been rinsed. Once the glass has dried, polishing may be done.

The job is very dangerous especially if the cleaner is not properly trained. The risk is very high when dealing with great heights. Many people have been reported to lose their lives due to falls. Such falls may be the result of slippery surfaces created by soapy water or unstable ladders. Some people are simply just careless. One is therefore advised to take due caution or to delegate the job to an expert if they feel that they are not competent enough.

If working on great heights is done frequently, then the best thing to do is to get an automated machine. Not only are these machines safer but they make working at these areas easier. The use of these machines has effectively reduced the number of associated accidents. There is no doubt that the cost of obtaining them is a bit prohibitive but what is certain is that they are a risk worth taking.

Window washing is both enjoyable and easy if done in the right manner. Proper equipment, the right skills and permissive weather are necessary. Regular cleaning of household and office windows is something that you should adopt. The beauty of it is that it will more often than not result in huge savings in costs of lighting.

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