The Basics Of Tree Trimming

There are many reasons why it is important to trim trees around a home, streets, and even the park. Of all the many reasons that exist, three of them matter the most in most situations. Tree trimming is mostly done to improve safety, aesthetics, and health conditions of the trees, people, and environment as a whole. This article explains the three reasons for trimming and gives general tips about the process.

If trimming is done properly, the aesthetics of the vegetation can be highly improved to suit various applications. The beauty of a property can be improved if the shape and appearance of trees around it is enhanced through proper trimming. However, unnatural shapes and sizes should not be imposed on the plants because that requires too much removal of plant body and foliage. Such removal may be more destructive than constructive.

Sometimes trees need to be trimmed or pruned to ensure safety of both human beings and property. For instance, branches that are weak or broken can fall off after sometime causing damage or injuries. Trees located on pathways or roads can also obstruct the vision of motorists and can easily cause accidents. Finally, tall trees with branches that grow too big can be a hazard if they are growing near utility lines.

In Spring Hill FL, landowners are required by the law to contact and permit power companies to remove plants growing near utility lines. One may be charged by the law for refusing linemen the permission to trim off plants near the lines. Cover against damages and injury resulting from refusal of permission to linemen is also not provided by insurance companies.

Trees like any other living organism are susceptible to attack by diseases. Diseases can attack any part of the tree including the leaves, stems, roots, and fruits. To save such trees, it may be necessary to trim or prune off some of the infected branches and limbs. Trimming crowns can also improve airflow, which is beneficial to most trees. Branches that cross or rub against each other should also be trimmed to prevent them from falling off unexpectedly.

Lack of experience in this job can make it very dangerous besides being physically demanding like it already is. As such, one should seek the help of a professional service provider if they lack the skills needed. Additionally, plants trimmed during dormant state do better than those trimmed while in active growth. Dormant state minimizes distraction done to growth and prepares the plant to resume growth during seasons of active growth.

When trimming, the size of the branch being removed should always be considered. Only small branches should be removed. Big branches should only be removed when there is a good reason for the removal. The removal should mostly target weak branches with angles that assume a V shape. Strong branches should be retained.

One must pay special attention to the branch collars and branch ridges to avoid removing them. Trimming branches too long or too close to the stem should also be avoided. The stubs left should be short and nice looking when the job is completed. Finally, priority must be given to safety.

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