The Benefits Of Lawn Aeration

A lawn that is exposed to lots of wear and tear will be suited for aeration. When lawns are aired, they will have better movement of air, better circulation of nutrients and better movement of water. Lawn aeration in Redwood City has various benefits. This is the reason it is a recommendation that this process is done on a regular basis. There will be improvement of the health of the turf as well as a considerable reduction in maintenance ability.

For the lawns that are so aerated, there will be enhanced oxygen access, increased organic nutrients and better general health of grass. Oxygen is the element that determines the health of grass. It also influences the ability of grass to survive in extreme conditions. When such lawns are well watered, it becomes much easier for the water to seep underground. The roots will get enough moisture and thus the turf grows thicker, making the soil to soften.

When there is enough air in the lawns, they will require only half the amount of water that they would without the air. Further than that, the air prevents any excess water from running off and leading to formation of puddles in the compound. Build up of thatch is one of the main problems experienced by those that have lawns. When they have lots of air, the dense thatch will facilitate proper water and air movement.

Thatch refers to the stuff that is found beneath grass and soil. Natural thatch breakdown takes around two weeks or so. When the thatch is thick, it will offer perfect breeding ground for diseases or harmful insects. Soil that is compacted, sub soils which are disturbed in the course of building activity and heavy clay soils will normally encourage build up of thatch.

There will be minimized soil compaction when the soil is aerated. Compaction of the soil occurs when soil cakes together because of pressure. This reduces the ability of the soil to get rid of moisture and hold more oxygen. Whilst this could be vital for many processes, it minimally contributes to a healthy lawn maintenance. Use of sprinklers and rain are the major causes of soil compaction. When there is enough air, there is minimization of compaction.

The weeds will be fewer. As lawns develop better root systems and get more oxygen and water, there will be better growth. Generally, weeds are top growing and take a longer recovery time than grass. The outcome of the different growth styles is that regular cutting assists in spreading grass to create a thick. This happens at the expense of weeds.

When the soil has more air, more living things will be present. These include small plants and animals. When the soil is compacted, these organisms will be drive away because oxygen will be lacking. Such organisms as earthworms assist in decomposition.

Bacteria are also important for the breakdown of organic thatch that which rests over the soil. Such organisms can only survive when there is air. Thus for the good health of any lawn, aeration is very important.

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