The Best Lawn Service Olney Is Proper Reseeding

A great looking yard that is green and thick is easy to achieve with the right lawn service. What most people forget is that even the Lawn Service Olney needs refreshing and year after year of mowing and fertilizing can be quite tiresome. After several years the grass does not grow as it used to and reproduces poorly. The result is thin grass with patches despite the good care you give it.

The best way to counter this and get a fresh yard is to reseed or over seed your yard. This means planting new grass seeds without uprooting the existing grass. With time and tender care, the new grass grows and the old grass dies out naturally.

If you reseed at the wrong time for instance in the summer or a few weeks to winter, your efforts will be null and no grass will grow. To avoid wasting your hard earned money and precious time, ensure that you reseed in the fall. If you miss this opportunity the second best time is in early spring. At these times of the year, temperatures are bearable, the air is moist and the sun is not too hot to burn out the grass. These are the optimum conditions for germination and slow but steady growth.

When the season is right to reseed, start by trimming down the yard. Set the mower to cut the grass as short as possible. This get rids of the old grass and exposes the ground to receive water, air and sunlight. High length of grass will block the young grass and stunt its growth. Some seeds might not even germinate if planted in long grass.

After mowing, collect all the cut grass and remove any hard patches of grass as well. The hard grass might be difficult to remove hence use a stronger rake such as a thatch rake as opposed to a normal grass rake. Clear the yard of any debris which will block seeds and new grass.

With a clean yard to break through. Choose a simple aerator to do the job whether manual or not. Ensure that you poke holes into the soil lightly and not too deep. Soil that is too loose allows for growth of weeds.

Get a spreader to distribute the grass seed over the yard. You can double check that the seed is evenly distributed by going over the lawn with a grass rake. Even distribution ensures that the new grass grows all over the lawn and not in patches. Add slow releasing nitrogen fertilizer after seeding. Alternatively you can top dress a yard lightly with compost.

Immediately after seeding water your yard well. Ensure that you water well and frequently for the first 3 weeks after planting the seeds. Water is essential for good germination. You can water 3 times in a day picking on times when the sun is not as hot. If the temperatures rise, water even four times a day. After germination, water less frequently but for a longer time in the early mornings. All this will ensure that you get the best results from the service that has been hired.

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