The Steps For Undertaking Paver Installation

If a person is thinking about giving a new look to his or her home then paver installation sit eh right thing to do. Pavers are the best material for installing pathways or walkways at home. This material works a great deal in improving the appearance of homes and adding into their resale value in case one has future plans of selling it. A mixture of pavers will do you good in this procedure.

The process of installing paver is simple if the person doing it follows the right procedure. You do not have to hire an expert to install it on your behalf. All you need to do is get the right materials and follow the right procedure. Some supplies that are required for this task include a shovel, crushed gravel, a stiff broom, rubber mallet, construction grade sand and gardening hose among many other supplies. You will need to prepare these supplies so that the setting up procedure is smooth with no hick ups.

With the supplies ready, the setting up process begins. You need to get ready for this project by undertaking certain important steps so that you get an attractive pavement. The first thing an individual needs to do is draw a diagram for the project. This diagram shows you how to proceed with the task. Ensure the plan indicates the particular area that needs to be paved. You might need to use yard stakes and a string to outline the particular area. The step is essential as it gives a highlight of the right measurements to purchase.

Making the area clear of anything is the next very important step. This can be done by doing away with all the shrubs or rocks that may be in that location. Evacuating the place is of utmost importance. It makes it easier to evacuate the soil, which is the step that follows next. A shovel may be used for this purpose.

One needs to lay the right gravel base. The correct measure is about two inches of gravel which should be compacted with trowel. In case of poor drainage areas, an individual should use more inches of gravel. Pour about two inches of sand on the gravel. The next thing is to compact sand well with your shovel to avoid air pockets.

After completing these steps, the other bit is to pave the selected area. That is done by first selecting one corner then beginning the paving procedure from that corner. Lay the pavers one by one ensuring that they lay flat. If there are any crooked pavers, remove sand beneath them.

Pack all stones with a rubber mallet. That ensures each stone is placed securely on the sand bed. Avoid leaving any loose stones might cause cracks on the pathway in future. Use leftovers to cover any cracks.

The last bit is applying sealant to the final product. Adding sealant tends to increase the lifespan of the pave and reduces the probability of weeds growing. Thus, the step is vital in ensuring the pavement is durable. These guidelines are essential when carrying out paver installation.

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