Things One Should Know Concerning Artificial Grass

Due to the demand for lawns that require little or no maintenance, companies came up with a synthetic fiber that resembles natural grass called artificial grass. This fiber is currently used in many applications that initially employed natural turf. This article discusses some of the advantages of this product over natural turf. The knowledge in this article is useful in making the choice as whether to stay with natural grass or to change for the maintenance-free option.

First, the applications of fake grass are many, spanning from small to large scale applications in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. A good example of places where they are used in a commercial setting is sports arenas. Many games such as hockey, American football, baseball, golf and soccer are currently played on field with this product. This happened after most game authorities like FIFA allowed its use.

According to stadium management teams and manufacturers, the product has the capability to withstand heavy usage very frequently. This has the meaning that within a certain time bracket, more games can be played on an arena with the fake product that the natural one. Most stadium owners and management teams find this important because they can earn more cash within a short period. This has caused natural grass to be replaced with fake fiber in many sports arenas.

The major advantage of this product is that it does not require a lot of maintenance. For example, there is no need for irrigation, trimming, fertilizing, and frequent checking among others. The product remains in good condition regardless of the weather and replacement is only done when it is worn out. Managers of stadiums that are covered at the top find this fiber ideal because maintaining healthy lawns in such conditions is very hard.

Besides being used in sports arenas, this commodity finds use on runways, residential compounds, company compounds, and pavements. Synthetic fiber is the best for holiday homes, dry climates, and elderly home owners. Most people spend only a few weeks in their holiday homes. This makes natural lawns very hard to maintain, therefore leaving artificial products as the only viable solution. During dry months or in dry regions this item is also the best to install.

Types and brands of fake turfs in use are numerous these days. Modern brands have several additional features like the capability to integrate fiber-optics. Advertisements and lighting equipment can be embedded into the fiber-optics. This capability is essential in demarcating fields and airport runways. This turf is also installed in many airports since it does not lure rodents to the runways.

There are a few shortcomings related with the grass too. The first one is that periodic disinfection is required to eliminate pathogens. Excess friction between the fiber and human skin in older brands may at times lead to more abrasion and burns than in natural turf. Lastly, the commodity retains more heat than its natural counterpart when exposed to several hours of sunshine.

Currently there are many companies that make the product. As such, being knowledgeable is important when buying. Seattle WA is one of the best places to buy this product from because it has several record holding companies in production of synthetic turf.

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