Things You Should Know In Nurturing A Temple Bamboo

Calm that spirit with an Asian inspired garden. Draw inspiration from the four elements of nature in selecting the components for your haven. Make use of perennial evergreens such as bamboos to promote shade and privacy in your sanctuary. However observe discipline in controlling these perennials. A temple bamboo for example can grow up to 35 feet tall within 24 hours and has a running root system that can spread quickly if not managed properly. Installing a rhizome barrier or putting it in a pot is highly suggested to ensure it does not affect the rest of the ecosystem.

Barriers can help control these runners. Install a 3-inch high concrete or plastic barrier to limit its spread. Digging 2-feet trenches around it is also advisable to secure new shoots would overlap the enclosure.

Contain it in pots for more mobility. Visit your local garden supplier for suggestions. It would be useful to know the root ball size. Evidently you need ample space to grow these beauties. Runners for example demands pots that are 3 to 4 feet deep. Anything smaller will deter it from achieving full growth.

The use of terracotta pot is highly ideal for these ornamental beauties. Its ability to retain moisture and drain excess water enables bamboo roots to breathe even in hot weather. However avoid placing these pots in direct sunlight especially during summer. Water tends to evaporate faster thus it can be detrimental to the evergreen. Monitor it for cracks. This is an indication that you need to repot it. Ideally do this during fall or winter to avoid destroying its root system.

These perennials require constant watering. However it does not appreciate being soaked in water constantly. This makes loamy soil ideal for its home. It does not only retain moisture but also provides a good drainage system for its roots. Adding mulch help attain such quality when using another type of soil. Covering its base with dry leaves is also effective in achieving this effect.

Manure is highly recommended in nurturing these evergreens. It contains ample amount of nitrogen responsible in growing better shoots and increasing foliage production. Chemical fertilizers can also be helpful. Just do not forget to ask experts of its proper dosage. Surely you do not want to overdo it.

Avoid pruning bamboos during spring. This reduces the efficiency of the bamboo to produce healthy shoots. Use sharp pruners or saw for this activity. Cut above the node to avoid unsightly rot stubs. Note that if you cut the cane it will not grow back thus you must ensure that the cut is clean.

Quarantine the whole plant once white spots on its leaves become eminent. This is an indication of mite invasion. Although it will not obstruct the plants growth, these mites can still ruin the look of your plant. Spraying it with pesticide is helpful. However you may want to bath its canes with hot water and organic soap first before using a chemical base product. This is also effective in eliminating the unwanted guest. If symptoms persist, completely eradicate the whole plant. Prevention is still better than cure. Surely you would rather lose one plant than an entire garden.

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