Tips For An Easy To Maintain Yard

You would likely agree that a well-maintained yard is a highly pleasing feature of a home. It can be a great place to relax on a nice day and enjoy the great outdoors. But nothing in life is free. To have that picture-perfect lawn, there’s a measure of effort and time that goes into it, and it’s often a large measure. Some people love working on their yards, but others find the task a lot less enjoyable. If you are one of the latter types of people, and you don’t want to hire a professional service to care for your lawn, there are some things you can do to your yard to reduce the level of maintenance needed while still making it look fantastic.

From the people who dislike yard work, the most common complaint you will likely hear from them is how much time and energy they have to spend mowing the lawn. It can be sweaty, hard work that takes quite awhile if the yard is big. The classic yard consists of a type of grass, such as Bermuda, Bahia or Kentucky Blue, covering most of the surface area, with plots set aside for flowers, trees or decorations. But there are actually some plants that serve as great substitutes for grass, often requiring less upkeep.

Clovers are a type of plant that fits the bill perfectly. In American neighborhoods, a clover lawn would be a rare sight. But there are numerous benefits that come from trading out that grass for clovers. The most immediate benefit is the reduction in time spent mowing. Clovers need to be mowed far less than grass. In addition to this, they don’t need as much water to thrive, they stay green in every time of year, and the elements they put into the ground are beneficial to nearby plants. If you have the chance to check out a clover lawn, see for yourself.

Watering is often next on the list of things people dislike about having a yard. To make this easier, cheaper and more efficient, many modern lawns are designed with irrigation systems. Even in the hot months, when the sun dries up much of what comes out a sprinkler, an irrigated lawn can still get the water it needs without much excess waste. The systems can be installed professionally, or you can buy a kit and install it yourself, if you have knowledge and experience with that sort of thing.

During the planning phases of your landscaping projects, be sure to research the types of plants you want to use to ensure that they can thrive in the environment where you live. Some tree are especially vulnerable to temperature changes or drought. If you plant the wrong kind of tree or bush and it ends up dying because it was poorly adapted to the climate, you’ve just made a whole lot of unnecessary work and expense for yourself. But there are many types of trees that thrive in a wide range of conditions and require very little upkeep on your part.

Every yard requires work from someone, in some form. If you don’t hire a professional service, there’s no completely hassle-free way to have a great-looking yard. But with smart planning and choices, you can greatly reduce the amount of effort you’ll need to put into making it vibrant, lush and beautiful.

A beautiful yard can be a fantastic compliment to an already great-looking home. If you want to be in your dream home before you start working on that dream lawn, you may find what you’re looking for at Colliers Hill, one of Erie Colorado’s most beautiful new home communities.

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