Top Three News-Worthy Plumbing Disasters

When it comes to plumbing, it is very important for you to contract the best people to fix your plumbing issues. Not every plumbing company or worker has top-notch standards and expectations for themselves. Having the wrong solution implemented for a plumbing problem could seriously hinder the integrity and decrease the value of your home. Not only will you have to get a problem fixed twice; however, you risk having the problem surpass the point of no return. The implications of a plumbing issue going bad are far worse than taking the time to research the company that you are doing business with and paying the extra money to ensure that a trustworthy company and plumber are working on your problem. Here are three examples of news worthy plumbing disasters that you can avoid by hiring the right plumbing professionals to work on your home.

You Have Sprung A Leak!

When you do not take the time to interview and research the plumbing company that you are working with to fix a problem, or initially set up your plumbing in your home you risk having the wrong parts in your plumbing set up. When it comes to plumbing, it’s not always simple to find a company like Road Runner Plumbing Service. The lowest price is almost always the lowest quality of workmanship You do not want to skimp on the plumbing work that is done in your home. A news-worthy plumbing disaster is when the plumbing in a home was constructed so poorly that the pieces do not lock together properly. When the pieces of the plumbing solution are not locked together properly, then they will not hold tight once there is water running through them. If they are not tightly locked, then they will split apart and the water will not be channeled through the complex plumbing lines, the water will spill out all over the inside of your home. You risk flooding, surface damage, and depending on how bad it gets and how long it sits you can even get permanent damage on parts of your home.

But It Looks Good On The Surface

A common misconception by new homeowners is that if the plumbing looks good and the home looks good on the surface, then it must be good all over. This is so far from the truth. A lot of times, a contractor for plumbing may not be as skilled as they claim to be, thus make an area of the home look really great, and neglect to make sure that quality work or materials were used behind the scenes. If low quality or improper parts were used underneath the rest of the project then the whole integrity of the plumbing system is compromised. This can result in rusting, breakage, and permanent damage to important parts that support the functionality of the home.

Dark, Evil Mold In The Cabinets

One of the most news worthy disasters that you can face from using the wrong plumber or plumbing company can be the presence of evil, dark, black mold. This type of mold is extremely hazardous to your health and is bread in dark damn places. Especially in the inside of cabinets that are subject to having water and moisture present. For instance, if the plumbing is not tight and secure and there is a slow leak in a cabinet that is rarely used, you risk the formation of black mold.

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