Tree Trimming Service And The Techniques Used

There are two main reasons why trees are trimmed; in order to protect physical property and also to enable new trees to grow. Whenever trimming or cutting of trees is done incorrectly, they will be susceptible to wounds and also diseases that may be harmful. When they are trimmed in the right way, there will be no need to trim frequently, which saves time and money. Tree trimming service helps to keep plants neat.

One method that is used to trim is the lateral or natural method which is mostly preferred because it ensures trees do not undergo damage and so that potential diseases are reduced. It is this method that is used by electrical crews to remove trees that are close to power lines. Homeowners use it to promote growth and also get rid of growths adjacent to structures at home.

The most important consideration with this technique is to cut small limbs growing adjacent to parent limbs, or those that may be bigger. The main tools utilized are trimmers and hacksaws because it is not large branches that are removed but shoots. The method is used whenever there are obtrusive growths on trees.

There is also tree topping that most homeowners use for large landscaping trees, contrary to requirement. The technique involves cutting of top branches so that appearance of trees is thinned. Unlike the belief by many people, the technique does not encourage larger bloom. There is also the option of cutting top branches in a horizontal way. This method is among the most appropriate in the case of trees close to utility lines.

Tree topping is rarely used because there is the probability that it will lead to damage of trees. The whole exercise could also leave open wounds that make trees susceptible to disease attack. Furthermore, it leads to rapid new growths that that will make it necessary to do trimming after every few years. This will not only be inconveniencing but also costly.

When trees are trimmed for the sole purpose of encouraging new growths, it is known as pruning. The actual techniques used will be dependent on the type of new growth that is being promoted. For instance, growers will trim trees in order to increase production of fruits. Bonsai trees are trimmed in order to attain specific shapes.

As a general rule, one should not exceed 25 percent of tree limbs during the course of pruning. Through the use of methods like the natural one, new growths will be healthy and the probability of contracting diseases is reduced. Pruning is done at specific times in the course of the year. The frequency depends on type of trees.

In consideration of tree trimming, the volume of trees removed should not be more than one fourth of the total volume. In the case of trees that are deciduous, one should not prune upwards more than a third of their height. Trimming of trees is a service that every homeowner will need to consider at one point.

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