Types Of Landscape Lighting Design Oklahoma City

When you are thinking about installing landscape lighting design Oklahoma City the first considerations you need to look into are whether they are functional and how creative the designer has been. The landscapers who specialize in designing lights for your yard will offer different styles for each yard they work in. The actual fixtures will all be very similar but placement will make all of the difference in appearance.

Using the wrong fixture or placing it in an inappropriate spot can ruin the appearance of your landscaping endeavors. Your contractor should bring blue prints as well as full color artists renditions of what your completed yard will look like. Some contractors will place temporary lights in the yard at dusk to demonstrate approximate finished designs. During this phase of the project you can make suggestions or alterations to the plans.

Whether you have a flat yard or one with hilly spots makes a difference regarding what type of fixtures will work best for you. Trees work well with fixtures either at the base or high in the branches. Both effects will showcase the trees to their best advantage. Stairs and walkways need lower light fixtures to brighten the way for guests or family.

Back lights and shadow boxes help to showcase waterfalls, gazebos, and rocks. The indirect lights create a dramatic climate for your designs. Moon lights and cross lights illuminate larger areas with indirect lights from above. They can be placed in trees or attached to walls or roof eaves. The effect this creates resembles natural moon light.

Many people hesitate to start these projects because they are concerned about the effect the extra lighting will have on their power bills. Most contractors install LED bulbs to minimize this problem. The LED bulbs are far more ecologically friendly and cast brighter illumination than conventional bulbs. They also work with photocells so that the homeowner need never change a bulb again.

There are also low energy transformers that can be installed to lower the power intake. When coupled with low voltage fixtures and LED lights the homeowner can anticipate very little increase in the household power costs. Photocells are also available to control costs for the system.

Some homeowners are skilled at putting in their own light designs. Ideas are abundant for these people to choose from. The surrounding neighborhoods offer many excellent options as well as numerous books and CDs available in stores. The supplies for these projects can be purchased from local stores. The option of installing solar powered lights is also available as another power saving option.

Wanting your property to reflect the very best image of you and your home is natural. People tend to put part of themselves into their homes and yards and how they look to others. They also want to be able to enjoy the atmosphere created by their personalities and tastes. What better way to do it than to illuminate the house and yard with custom designed lights.

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