Use Landscape Maintenance Services Redwood City Ca

A lot of work can be required for maintaining a great looking lawn. You have to mow, weed, mulch, fertilize, and water the grass and plants. If you have trees, you will have to prune, watch out and get rid of pests, in addition to raking leaves in the fall. All those jobs can burn up your off time from work. You might want to use landscape maintenance services Redwood City Ca. Let them do all the work and you do all the enjoying.

When deciding who to talk to, ask your neighbors or anyone you know that has a great looking yard. Get referrals, then meet with at least two providers at your home to answer questions and submit a quote. Know, before calling, what you want them to do. Also it is wise to have a realistic price range to work with.

The first thing you want to find out is what services do they offer. If you have trees, will you want to prune them yourself of have them do it. Find out if they remove and discard cut or fallen limbs, branches, leaves, and other debris. Decide if you want them to weed around your plants or just cut the grass, blow leaves then leave. In addition, do you expect them to fertilize the lawn and all plants, install or change sprinklers, and do other landscaping work.

The second thing to ask, is who will they have working on your property and around your home. Find out if it will always be the same people or will it change and why. How much experience the crew has and if there is a language barrier, find out if at least one member of the crew will speak and understand the same language as you do.

Larger companies have a menu of set fees they charge per item or job. You probably will not benefit from this type of fee schedule do to variables in the size of yards and difficulty with maneuvering in some. Instead, show them where and what you want done, then ask for a price.

If you expect them to fertilize, then they will probably want to provide their own material instead of depending on some brand you may purchase. If that is the case, let them, and know that you will be paying, at the least, retail for the product. The same goes for any other items you expect them to provide as part of their service. Keep in mind, they will be purchasing the material, storing, and transporting for you. Let them make a profit.

If your winter weather is wet or snowing, find out at the start, if they will snow blow your walkway or drive and if they will shovel your roof off. Another bonus would be if they offer to furnish firewood and stack it. Basically, know what their year round services are. Be clear at the start on what you can expect.

Once you have found the provider you want, be clear on additional fees for extra services or supplies. You should have agreed upon a regular work and payment schedule. From that point, sit back and enjoy your beautiful yard with family and friends.

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