Various Tucson Irrigation Systems And Equipment

Generally, crop irrigation involves controlled use of water for agricultural purposes through the artificial mechanisms. It is one of the crucial practices in the world since it promotes production of foodstuff. It is also a dynamic program that encompasses several techniques. The common techniques include; traveling gun, rip, rotation, gravity, sprinkler, sub-irrigation, furrow, flood, center-pivot, and supplemental among others. Therefore if a farmer within Tucson irrigation techniques like these can be really useful.

Unlike most systems, center-pivot irrigation involves an automatic sprinkler which propels water on the crops or field to be irrigated. The sprinkler has several nozzles which spreads water at the equal rate and amount. The water is delivered to the central (pivot) of the sprinkler before being sprinkled to the field or crops. When used for irrigating crops, the sprinkler is supported above the plants by towers fixed at equal intervals and rotated by electric, pneumatic, mechanical or hydraulic power on either skids or wheels.

Drip method on the other hand is a planned system which allows direct application of water to the root zone of the plant. In this technique, water is applied with the aid of applicators such as emitters, porous tubing, perforated pipes, orifices, and many more. Application of water is done under low pressure with the applicators placed either on or below the surface of the ground. In flood method, water is applied on the entire surface of the soil.

Furrow technique involves partial surface flooding used with clean-filled crops. Water is applied in furrows which can contain the designed system. However, in gravity method water is only allowed to flow through the force of gravity. In rotation system, irrigators are filled with an allotted amount of water at intervals.

Irrigation is a dynamic practice and involves the use of a wide range of tools for several purposes. Some of the techniques are only special to certain methods, while some are just used for the general duties. Some of the basic tools used are; wire cutters, shovels, wrenches, knives, and hacksaws. There are also other tools that are only specialized for certain duties.

Special tools used in installation of these systems are; rise extractor, round point blade shovel, latex and work, gloves, square point blade shove, PVC pipe cutter, hacksaw, wire cutter, garden hose, screw drivers, sledge hammer, measuring tape, and many more. The tools can be used for general duties like maintenance of the system or the specific one like tightening nuts. A round point blade shovel, for instance, is required for boring larger holes.

Trenching spade is suitable for removal of dirt from trenches. Additionally, mattock is used for removal of rocks and digging short trenches. Since it has a nail-like head, the tamper bar is suitable for making soil compacts.

A landscape rake helps in shaping the ground for planting seeds. Another specialty tool is the PVC pipe cutter, which is used for cutting pipes. The latex and work gloves, however, help in protecting the hands from blisters. Having these information those living in Tucson irrigation should not be a problem.

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