Vigilant, Pretty And Methodical Lawn Maintenance

With lawn maintenance services available, there is simply no reason to put up with a less-than-wonderful sod. Dense, healthy turf does not materialize by accident. It is the result of timely feeding, watering, and regular continuance. Conscientious turf care not only creates a luxurious carpet of grass, it is also your first and easiest line of defense against weeds, insects, disease and other problems.

It helps grass plants endure times of stress, keeping cool-season grasses alive over tough winters, and helping any grass ride out the changing moisture levels. Potassium is, like phosphorous, slow and steady. The best time to use a high-potassium fertilizer is in the fall, to help the grass survive the tough months to come. A professional will help you differentiate between dormant and dead grass since it may hibernate in winter.

After all, you cannot entirely control nature. Keeping ahead of these problems entails just a little diligence and the right knowledge and advice. You provide the watchful eye and few hours on weekends, and a gardener who understands your need to create a verdant, rich green turf that you and your family can enjoy with pride.

But just as a gorgeous grass enhances your home, one that has some obvious shortcomings will detract from the look of a house and the neighborhood in general. A weed-strewn, scraggly, patchy sod or a sickly plot of grass can bring down the value and it makes outdoor activities less enjoyable. You need to hire a landscape designer and horticultural expert or ornamental scientist to maintain your turf.

Consult your nursery manager and find out what exactly does well in your area. Also find out what the soil lacks and make the necessary additions. This may be in form of manure, compost, granular fertilizer or foliage feeds. Shredded bark can add compost as well as good textures in your landscape.

Maintaining a weed-free patch is not rocket science. It just requires correct repairs done at the right time on regular intervals. The first step is to make sure you have all the tools necessary. Those tools should be in good repair, which makes any job easier. The trick is giving it just the right amount and right balance of nutrients at the right time to help it grow as consistently perfect as possible.

You will not need a degree in chemistry to master the fine art of fertilizing a green, but you do need a basic understanding of the nutrients the grassland needs and how it uses them. Grass type affects fertilizer consumption. For instance, Bermuda grass and Kentucky bluegrass are pretty much hogs when consuming nutrients, while centipede grass and Bahia are light eaters.

When doing lawn maintenance ensure that the grass is cut regularly and correctly. If it is not done well, the patch will have a poor appearance and will invite weeds and pests. Add adequate nitrogen fertilizers. Spread granular types evenly and use the right equipment to spray liquid manures.

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