Waterproof Your Basement Using Masonry Waterproofing Auburn Paint

Explained below is the description of how to turn your cold and damp basement into a delightful living space. Homeowners with basements have to deal with various home repairs including leaking basement walls that let it moisture and water that can cause major problems to the building’s foundation. The masonry waterproofing Auburn paint can be used to get rid of this problem and can even be applied to your home within a weekend.

Before getting started on the project, it is important that you carry out a simple test by sticking aluminum foil to one of the interior basement walls for a couple of days. When removing the foil, check and confirm whether any water has accumulated on the wall or between the foil and wall. Presence of water means that you most likely have a problem with water seepage.

If you have just completed a building project, it is crucial that you carry out the test immediately to ensure that your basement is protected immediately from physical damage. The waterproof paints come in different colors. It is advisable not to apply waterproof products to bricks and other fixtures in the freezing temperatures or even rain.

Once the problem has been diagnosed, you should remove any mortar, loose dirt and dust on the surface of the walls using a hard bristled brush. Using circular hand motions ensure that the entire wall surface is thoroughly clean. Debris on the surface is likely to affect the performance of the paint and will become unsightly eyesores on project completion.

Be on the watch out of efflorescence, which is the white powdery deposit caused by the settling of naturally occurring salt deposits. If you notice efflorescence, use the scrubbing brush along with muriatic acid to treat affected areas and get rid of it. Whenever you are using chemicals, it is crucial to used a pair of recommended goggles, gloves and a facemask.

To get start with the job, follow the instructions from the manufacturer on how to mix the paint in a container. The wooden paddle is the best instrument to use when stirring the mixture and ensure that no lumps occur. Let your mixture sit for about 10 to 15 minutes and make sure to use within one hour of mixing.

A top quality brush should be used to get the masonry waterproofing Auburn, IN paint on the wall using repetitive strokes, through jabbing to fill deep pits and pores. Spread the paint thickly and ensure no pinholes are uncovered in the process. This paint will fill pores, expand as it dries and slowly become a part of your basement wall’s interior that will create a waterproof barrier.

After about 24 hours, you should use a roller or brush to apply a second coat and your basement will be dry and comfortable. However, if water pressure comes through the pores from outside, this method will eventually fail as the masonry waterproofing Auburn paint is pushed and ruptured. A permanent method requires excavating the exterior and treating the walls from outside.

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