What It Takes To Make The Best Homemade Tomato Cage

Tomatoes are some of the easiest plants to grow, and in any home garden, this vegetable is one of the most common plants. However, their success partly depends on the support they get. The plants need support to grow upwards. This calls for the introduction of cages to prevent plants from breaking, falling off, or even the fruit from rotting due to contact with the ground. The best homemade tomato cage requires no rocket science. It is an easy step by step process that takes a short time to master.

Although there are many such cages available in the nearby garden centers, they are not often strong and big enough to accommodate bigger crops. They are best used for lower growing bush-like tomatoes. However, for the taller varieties, there is an urgent need to construct your own cage that can provide the most appropriate support.

It is advisable to start with the materials already available, as this can help to greatly minimize the total cost of construction. In most cases, the recommended wire is the heavy gauge wire-mesh which is longer lasting and very stable. However, the recycled poultry fencing can also perform as well.

The homemade cage, as the name suggests, is made by the growers at home. It is best to utilize the materials already available to minimize the expenditure. Although the heavy gauge wire-mesh is the most appropriate one, other types of wire mesh can just perform as well. The recycled poultry fencing for instance is another long lasting alternative.

Another option is to use the wire cutter to roll out the galvanized wire and then snip off an 18″ size of the mesh. Then center the wire grid into the cage, allowing 16″ wire bottom from the lower end of the stake. Then hammer the mesh to the stake using nails to secure it and the cage is done.

Generally, the tomato plants grown inside the cage require no tying. However, it is till good to help the vines out by loosely tying their stalks onto the support system using some soft twine, pantyhose or cloths. This should be done regularly as the plant continues growing.

These home made support system are also better than the commercial options in many ways. Its first advantage is in strength coming from a strong wooden cage. This comes in addition to the ease of a wire trellis. They are also long lasting and easily serve for over five seasons with little care needed. Lastly, they are very cheap, with the average cost totaling to less than $2.

This support system guarantees that the fruits that are obtained are cleaner and of higher quality than any other regular fruits. Even though it is a little laborious particularly when there are many plants involved, the economic benefits of this system are just overwhelming.

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