What Sods Are Used For Athletic Field Construction

Nowadays, the demand for athletic field construction is quite high. Whether it be a school or the government, they will need to look for professionals who are capable of handling the said project. Of course, this project is not an easy task especially if the ground one wants to build is big. Better do some proper planning for it.

If the head of this project aims to make this successful, then the first move is to obtain an important material for this project. This will refer to the grass one uses on the fields. There are many types of sods or grasses that one may make use of these days. They come in large and small quantities, ready to be used for residential and commercial sodding projects.

The sods are really the most ideal material to take for this project. Whether what the person plans to build is softball fields, baseball fields, soccer fields, or football fields, they should be able to take advantage of these sods. If the person wants to have a good result for this, then make sure to pick the right sods.

Of course, the person’s use for the sods are not only limited to when one is constructing the softball fields, baseball fields, soccer fields, or football fields. There are times when one can also make use of these sods for playgrounds, golf courses, parks, and residential lawns. As long as the person picks the right sods, the project will go smoothly.

The in-charge must aim to use the correct sods for their project too. If they can find the right type to match with what they are constructing, then this project will end up as a success. To be able to match the sods with the project, they must be fairly familiar with the types of sods available in the market nowadays. Here are several good examples of those sods.

First off is the bermuda sod. This is the type of perennial grass that flourishes in the warm season. It is hardy, which makes it capable of withstanding harsh winters and droughts. The said grasses are easily accessible in the markets. Professionals use this in sports turf or golf courses.

Another one is the zoysia sods. This is another kind of warm season perennial grass. The thing about this kind of sod is that it grows well even in hot and sunny areas. However, this is the kind of grass that will easily go dormant in the winter months. It turns into a yellowish color. With this sod, one can get a thick, carpeted feel to his or her work.

People must also learn more about the bluegrass sods. As one of the best cool season grasses people may take advantage of, it has this Rhizome root that will help produce new sods that must be used to fill bare areas. The said type of grass is useful when planted in areas with a low to medium traffic.

Try to remember the fescue sods as well. This is another type of the cool season grass, just like bluegrass sod. The good thing about this is that it can withstand warm temperatures. It is even shade tolerant and drought resistant if established. One does not need to mow or water it a lot so it is suitable for athletic field construction.

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