When To Hire An Arborist In Plano TX

Many properties have at least one tree, whether to enhance the aesthetics of the landscaping or to provide shade or privacy. Beyond watering a sapling, most home gardeners lack the skills, tools, and knowledge to care for trees properly. A qualified arborist in Plano TX can help with trimming, removal, treatment for disease, insect control, and other related services.

Hiring a qualified arborist is an effective and affordable way to protect the investment anyone has in a commercial or residential property. Damaged or poorly maintained trees are a safety hazard and have a negative effect on property value. Dead trees can crash down or drop branches that can harm individuals or cost thousands of dollars in property damage.

Regular maintenance is necessary for healthy trees and they will continue to grow in value as they age if they receive the proper care. Periodic inspections by a qualified tree specialist will detect disease, insect infestation, or damage caused by environmental factors in their early stages. This allows time for treatment to prevent the tree from dying.

Arborists have the tools they need to cut off any unhealthy branches, restoring the tree’s shape and guiding its growth. This is a process known as pruning and it plays an important role in helping a tree maintain its structural integrity. If dead or weakened branches remain in place, they can crash to the ground causing physical harm or damage to the surrounding property.

Thinning the canopy involves removing any dead branches and those that are growing in awkward directions. This offers protection for the tree during windstorms. It also allows sunlight to penetrate the canopy and reach the grass and other plants growing near the tree’s base.

Because oak trees are so popular in this region of Texas, oak wilt is a common disease. This fungal disease is fatal to trees because it impedes their ability to draw water from the roots to the branches and leaves. Red oak trees are more susceptible to this disease than white oaks. The disease spreads quickly from tree to tree. Arborists currently do not have a cure but they can provide fungicidal injections to halt the spread. If the injections are delivered during the early stages, it can extend the life of the tree.

Tree removal is always a last resort but sometimes it becomes necessary if disease, insects, or inclement weather causes irreversible damage. Arborists can use a variety of methods to remove trees depending on location and size. They know how to use cables and rigging to ensure the project proceeds safely without causing damage to the property and surrounding landscape.

Stump removal is another specialty for most arborists. Stumps may harbor various insects that can threaten grass, other trees, and bushes. Special equipment is needed for removing stumps safely.

Hiring an arborist to care for trees is an effective way for property owners to protect their investment. Healthy trees contribute more to overall property value as they mature. In addition to improving appearance, they offer shade from sunlight and protection from wind as well as providing privacy when planted in strategic locations.

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