When You Are Needing Koi Pond Design New Jersey Has What You Want

A beautiful koi pond does not happen by accident. If you are wanting koi pond design New Jersey may have many companies that are able to fulfill this desire. They have the valuable knowledge needed in biology, chemistry, and physics that will make your pond a success. The intricacies of raising these beautiful animals throughout their long life-span are their specialty.

Watching the fish play in the water or wondering just how they recognize you when you come to feed them is almost magical, especially if it is in the confines of your own space. Building such a feature can be a challenge, especially in areas with colder winters. With correct planning, though, it is possible to create a thriving habitat. There are some things to take into consideration, however.

Koi fish are large carp that range in color from black and white to yellow or orange and other shades of red. Even blue fish are not unheard of. They are very adaptable creatures with the ability to adjust to varying climates, making them perfect for water features even in areas with cold winters. There are some adjustments for colder climates, including deeper water and some weatherization techniques. They range in price from under twenty dollars to several thousand, depending upon the size and variety.

Minimally, a pool for these fish must hold a little under 1100 gallons of water. This would fit into a hole that is six feet by eight feet that is three feet deep. This is big enough to handle five average sized koi. Bigger fish or larger numbers of fish will need a larger space. This is a good thing to keep in mind when planning the proper place to install the pond. Overcrowded fish are susceptible to disease and damage from the other fish.

Your water feature will also require some sort of filtration system. Both mechanical and biological filters should be used, to ensure water that is not only clear but also free of pathogens that could harm the fish. While not all installation companies recommend a bottom drain, it does make water changes much easier than bailing out buckets of water and making repeated trips to dump it out.

Maintenance of the water is also essential. This is done with the use of chemicals that maintain the proper pH level, and well as nitrates and ammonia. Incorrect levels can indicate health problems with the fish as well as a malfunctioning filter. Oxygen levels are also important.

Koi can be threatened by predators. If this is the case, it is a good idea to install fencing or netting to keep your fish from becoming a tasty snack. Some predators can include cats, foxes, raccoons, and birds. Security can also be an issue should there be small children that frequent the area.

A man made water feature is an asset to your property when properly designed and maintained. When looking for a contractor, make sure they have suitable references and previous work that you can visit to view their handiwork. A well-done pool for fish will be a source of relaxation and a great conversation piece for years to come.

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