Why Permaculture Is A Natural Progression In Gardening And Nature

Permaculture guilds are an extension of a common gardening technique called companion planting. Companion planting is used in home gardening to increase the yield a certain area produces in a season. While permaculture guilds are almost exclusively used in permaculture, companion planting is more widespread.

In the past 50 years more resources have been consumed than in the entire history of the human race-that is, over the preceding 200,000 years. Consumerism, economic rationalism and trade for trade’s sake have run riot in a world environment conceding and acquiescing to corporate aspirations and global market manipulations, at the expense of the environment and social justice, particularly over this past decade since the mid-nineties.

There are vast areas, acres and acres, of a single crop! The machines are all built with a single purpose to plow, sow and then harvest these monotonous lands. Without these machines these monoculture expense would able not be sustained. And nature would be thankful. Nature doesn’t like to be monotonous. Take a forest for example. The sheer number of different species growing there is beyond count. And that is a very promising habitat for other creature to thrive in.

The most critical thinking to direct our actions today, tomorrow and every day thereafter is to make a commitment to being an effective earth-steward and support others in the changes to an earth-friendly lifestyle-we all need to learn to live within our footprint. This calls for us to effectively re-invent ourselves, and our relationship to the world around us; in our daily living, in our work, and the myriad interactions we constantly engage in-within our community and society at large.

It takes a forest as a role model and replicates it. You bring a forest to your back yard. What you get is called a ‘forest garden’. In a forest, you can observe that there are certain plant groups that are grown near each other time and time again. These different plants mutually benefit one another. A fancy term for this phenomenon is ‘a guild’. There are many guilds that you can observe in nature: walnut guild, white oak guild, hazelnut guild, etc.

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