Why The Container Gardening Portland OR Residents Use Makes For Green Living

Portland OR has a reputation for being an extremely green city. Not only because there are more parks or green spaces per person than any other city in the United States, but because it practices as many green technologies as it can. It is named The Rose City, after all, so nature is on every residents mind. Recycling is a major cause and is reinforced by the frequency of pickups, which is more than the trash pickups. The container gardening Portland OR residents love to participate in fits this city like a glove.

This type of gardening used to be used only when people did not have a lot of space to set up a regular garden in their yard. This is still a pretty good use of this system for growing smaller groups of vegetables and herbs for the kitchen and also for those small yards and for apartment dwellers. There are a lot of apartment complexes in the area.

You will find everything you need, within the city. The home improvement stores will have all of the materials you need, such as wood and screws. You need to buy or build containers that will hold the soils that are needed to provide the nutrients and moisture for proper growth. By having different looking containers, a separation of types can be established. You can separate by each type or by the meal, whichever way you find helpful.

Wine barrels are often used for this gardening and can be purchased from some of the outlet stores and from some of the specialty stores. These barrels can be cut in half, providing two containers and can be bought from the wineries in town. The wineries, very often praised for their uniqueness in wine circles, are located in the close in northeast part of town, next to the river.

Some herbs and spices, because of their size, can be planted in large plastic buckets. These may not look nice, but a few terracotta or ceramic pots, surrounding them, will make the whole garden look better. Having a few different types and sizes of pots and other containers on the patio or balcony can be just the right decoration you might be going for. Some of the larger plants can be used as patio dividers and a way to conceal construction elements you do not want to advertise.

This type of garden is best used to advantage on a patio or balcony or a deck in the backyard. It can also be a window box just outside the kitchen window. There are many things that can be grown in this type of container and many people have made use of this form of garden to the exclusion of all else.

Green living, as well as green eating, takes work. The work is fun and it contributes to the environment. It can also help you decorate and have all of the salad makings you need right at your fingertips. This is all part of the great city that brought the Portlandia statue onto the cultural scene.

These gardens are appreciated because of the organic nature of them. You will find, whether you live here, or not, that Portland has much diversity. The only thing that does not fall into this category is the way they all get together for shared gardens, shared values of sustainability and shared potting soil.

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