Wisconsin Christmas Tree Farms Are Great For Nature

In the American State of Wisconsin, first ever farm for growing Christmas trees opened. The farm is situated on an area of about 10 acres and before the festive season, you can buy live coniferous trees of any kind and size there. Sales happen only in December, but the work on the planting and cultivation of the plants is done at Wisconsin Christmas tree farms during the other eleven months of the year.

Why not bet on a real, live plant, which after the holidays you will be able to plant in the yard of the Villa, in front of the block or in the Park? In this way, not only will you not harm nature, but will help plant a tree. This way, the holiday will be more special and everyone will be happy.

Real trees need over seven years of growth, before they can be used. Proponents of faux trees refer to the fact that by reusing theirs year after year, they help save seven to ten live trees during the average life expectancy of their artificial one. Not to even mention the fuels used for transportation of natural trees.

The planting of these trees is not difficult, although it requires physical effort for digging a hole in the soil, especially if you don’t have good tools. Before that, of course, it is better to make a good selection of a suitable location, which would be good to be relatively overshadowed by other trees, but at a sufficient distance from them. That is exactly what they do at the special dedicated farms in Wisconsin.

Common spruce is another kind of tree, which is available in garden centers. It looks like a pine, especially while the trees are small. You’ll recognize it by the needles that are tapered with a diamond cross-section and a spiral located on the twigs and is more sustainable in urban conditions due to the stem and branch system it has.

The plant is native to the mountains of Southern Greece and Macedonia. In comparison with the ordinary ones, these are warm temperature and drought resistant. Grows in calcareous soils and suffers from late spring frost.

Maritime pine is a plant, whose natural range covers part of the Mediterranean coast of Europe and Africa, and Atlantic coast of Southwest Europe. Sea pine is one of the fastest growing representatives of the genus. It shows a very rapid growth in the first years and retains this rate to 50-60 years of age.

The next danger from which you have to protect the living tree is freezing the roots- this can be done with the isolation or covering of the pot. Plant it before the start of spring /March, beginning of April/because with later removal of the plant from the pot, even small damage to the roots will reflect on the new-emerging soft twigs. When it comes to the time for planting, be careful not to damage the roots.

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